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International Shipping Made Easy

Many innovations have taken place in the international shipping industry in the past few years. For example, we have kiosks at some locations for the customer to fill out her own order. The Internet savvy customer can browse the CentEx Cargo website (, request a quote, and place an order online. She can measure her own box, then send us the dimensions, and the booking office will respond with a quote. This quote doesn’t however include a local pickup fee. A valued customer can receive ‘shipment status’ via WhatsApp updates and email. This is simple stuff for the person who has internet access and goes online regularly. For the older customer and some new immigrants to the United States, this may not be so easy. A tentative rate sheet though hard to provide, can simplify things for the weary customer. You should know that quotes are based on the exact measurements and approximate weight of your freight. For, most freight forwarders and LCL Staff are now using some type of shipping software. Please be aware that a retail shipper reserves the right to charge more or add a nominal fee, and rarely charges you less for exceeding the allocated maximum weight. A forklift operator at the receiving terminal of the warehouse will measure and weigh every single piece of cargo. A good understanding of the customer’s culture may help with negotiations and explaining any potentially difficult situation. The American way of doing business can be impersonal and may overlook that this first-time customer may be holding on to the way of the old country. Building relationships with your customers is a prerequisite to negotiate in good faith and closing the deal. Moreover, an understanding of that buyer persona is a key component to simplifying the whole process. Shipping has been around since mankind mastered navigation. It’s safe to say, it’s always going to be around. Therefore, it’s my intention to stay the course of writing and blogging about it. My sincere hope is to put invaluable information at the fingertips of prospects. Information that will assist most interested parties with choosing a shipping company that offers immigrants and Americans an affordable choice when shipping to the Caribbean. And lastly, this is a golden opportunity to discuss with readers, ways of finding out what the right infrastructure and true shipping & handling expertise look like.

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  1. Shipping barrels (55 gallon & up) to the Caribbean and Latin America can save you time and money. The plastic and fiber (i.e., cardboard) barrels are sturdy and provide a secure lid that protects the contents of your shipments. Ocean shipping of these barrels can save you up to 70% off UPS and FedEx Rates. This is the more affordable way to ship personal effects and/or household goods to anywhere in the Caribbean and Latin America


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