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International Shipping Tip from Seattle, Washington to Jamaica

Sending barrels instead of boxes from Seattle, Washington via ocean freight shipping to a port in the Caribbean can save you time and money. The new 77 gallon open-head plastic barrel allows you to ship a lot more freight in one shipment than any large box. Unfortunately, they aren’t available yet in Seattle and Portland. However, you can ship two 55 gallon barrels as an alternative. This would allow you to ship almost twice as much cargo and at an affordable price. The retail price for 55 gallon open top plastic barrels (new or reconditioned) varies. Rest easy; CentEx Cargo sells them ONLINE. Go to MENU of this site/blog. From the drop down fields of MENU, click on CENTEX STORE. Then scroll down to find the product that you’re looking for – 55 gallon open head plastic barrel. There’s always the bigger 75 gallon fiber barrels that we also sell ONLINE. Shipping 1 large box can run you from $675 to $1,050. Sending a minimum of 2 barrels via ocean freight from Kent, Washington to any port in the Caribbean is undoubtedly more cost-effective. Because, the average cost of shipping 1 full barrel of household goods is $225. This, by far, will save you money, even all the way on the other side of the country, in the Pacific Northwest.

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4 thoughts on “International Shipping Tip from Seattle, Washington to Jamaica

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have the 77 gallon open head jumbo plastic barrels available in that Zip Code. We have the 55 gallon open head plastic barrels and the 75 gallon open head fiber barrels in 94044 zip code.


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