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International Shipping Tip from Seattle, Washington

Sending barrels instead of boxes from Seattle, Washington via ocean freight shipping to a port in the Caribbean can save you time and money. The new 77 gallon open-head plastic barrel allows you to ship a lot more freight in one shipment than any large box or the 55 gallon reconditioned plastic barrel. Needless to say, sending two barrels would allow you to ship almost twice as much cargo and at an affordable price. The 77 gallon open-head plastic barrel has a suggested retail value of $58 at any Caribbean Store on the Eastern Seaboard or in the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Deep South. The retail price in the Pacific Northwest can be Double the price just listed. It’s Business 101: supply and demand. They’re also available ONLINE at the CentEx Store. Go to our Home Page, click on MENU, scroll down to find CentEx Store so you can find the product that you’re looking for. CentEx Cargo sells the 77 gallon open head polydrums or plastic barrels in BULK, only in Georgia, Maryland, and Florida. To get the lowest possible bulk price per unit, we recommend that you order a minimum of 100. Given that the customer is also responsible for TRUCKING. Shipping a large box πŸ“¦ can run you as much as $600. Sending 1 barrel via ocean freight from Kent, Washington can save you up to 70%. The average cost is $225 per drum. This is by far the more affordable way to ship personal effects from the Pacific Northwest to the Caribbean.

As promised to some of our readers, here’s the info about:

Our agent in Rio Haina, Dominican Republic πŸ‡©πŸ‡΄ E.T. Heinsen C. POR A – Kilometers 13.5 Carretera Sanchez * Santo Domingo, DR – Phone πŸ“± (809) 531-5551 – Phone 2. (809) 531-5557

For more info about this Blog post, call πŸ“ž 770-864-4871

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    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have the 77 gallon open head jumbo plastic barrels available in that Zip Code. We have the 55 gallon open head plastic barrels and the 75 gallon open head fiber barrels in 94044 zip code.


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