Weekly International Shipping Service from Washington, DC and Atlanta, Ga to Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica. For a quote or to make a booking, call 877-464-7152

Posted: August 21, 2014 in International Shipping


Although we service all the major ports in the Caribbean, the CentEx Cargo team made the judicious decision to showcase Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica on our Blog for 2014 because the highest number of repeat and satisfied customers for LCL Service to the Caribbean from the District of Columbia and Atlanta, Georgia has shipped to Jamaica. And a result, we will continue to allocate some of theCentEx Cargo valuable resources to that loving and “irie” country.


Freight Handlers Limited

4 Fourth Avenue, New Port West

Kingston, Jamaica, 60901.

Phone. (876) 937-5858 * (876) 937-5859

Phone. (876) 937-3421

Email. rcampbell@freighthandlersltd.com


Freight Handlers Limited

17 Kerr Crescent, St James

Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Phone. (876) 952-6566

Email. gwhyte@freighthandlersltd.com

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