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One Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Wants to Ride in Different Caribbean Countries

As a Harley Davidson enthusiast, my dream was to ride my motorbike in as many Caribbean islands as possible, and Costa Rica in Central America. First on my bucket list was Puerto Rico, and then Martinique, a close second. The reasons behind my first two choices were simple: In Puerto Rico, I can easily use my U.S. Drivers License to meet the island’s regulatory standards and legally drive a motorcycle there. The second reason may sound trivial to some, but nonetheless important to me: the availability of public bathrooms.

The endeavor of riding a Harley-Davidson in different Caribbean countries is definitely doable. I am fortunate to have a good understanding of logistics infrastructure and shipping motorvehicles to other countries. You should also be privy to the information that I used to keep my ‘Harley’ in storage near a US sipping port. The next step would be to put my motorbike in a wooden crate, haul it to a nearby shipping company, then entrust them to ship it to a designated port of discharge.

The third Caribbean country on my list is Jamaica. Jamaica not only meets two of my criteria, but the fact that my 2 daughters have access to a vacation home in Montego Bay, makes that country a very attractive prospect. Our succeeding in this future excursion will depend greatly on the host country having the right infrastructure,

The grand finale of my dream, this “once in a life time” adventure would entail shipping a couple of motorcycles to Puerto Limon in Costa Rica. In that country, I have a total of three friends dated back from my early teen in New York. One gentleman was deported. The other two moved to Costa Rica because of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. The quality of life in that country is good. ‘Pura Vida’ is a way of life in Costa Rica.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Blog post. I look forward to getting your input. If you know of any Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Club, Harley-Davidson Owners Association in the Caribbean and Costa Rica, SEND me a DM.

Lastly, this is a great opportunity for social media influencers and sponsors that want to ride, travel, and hang out with some Harley-Davidson enthusiasts in Puerto Rico, Martinique, Jamaica, and Costa Rica as they add more followers to their respective social media platforms.

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