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Enter the ZIP CODE your order is being shipped to. We will provide you with the exact cost of shipping. INDUSTRIAL TAPE FOR SALE



$18.95 + shipping. Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser and 2 Rolls

In-stock: Cases of 3″ Tape. There are 24 rolls in a case and 110 yards per roll. DURABLE: Industrial tape stands to heat, humidity and cold. RELIABLE: Long shelf life. Meets UPS, FEDEX, and U.S. Postal Regulations. APPEARANCE: Clear or Tan. Seal a box in one pass. You only pay $3.20 per roll + shipping.

CentEx Online Store sells all kinds of packing and shipping supplies. Tell a Rep about the specific product you are looking for, and WE’LL FIND IT THEN SHIP IT. For a list of products, call today, 877-464-7152

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