$56 each. Place an order in Atlanta, Georgia for TEN 77 Gallon Open-Top Plastic Barrels and SAVE $60 * Call 770-864-4871

Posted: May 8, 2015 in CentEx Store


Drop by:

F&J Express Cargo Shipping and C.A.M. Money Transfer to Haiti

1588 Veterans Memorial Highway

Austell,  Georgia 30168

Phone. 770-873-4552

Customer Care. 877-464-7152

Place a Bulk Order of 77 Gal Open-Top Plastic Barrels (minimum of TEN) in person and SAVE $60

The Retail price for one 77 Gallon Open-Top Plastic Drum in the state of Georgia is $56. Due to the large number of these barrels and plastic drums on back order, a valued customer will ONLY be able to pickup prepaid orders within 24 to 48 hours after his/her payment has been processed. Authorized Ship Centers or Drop-Off Locations can be found in Austell – Lithonia – and Stockbridge, GA.

CentEx Cargo offers FREE Delivery in some Georgia counties. 

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