Caribbean Underground network puts some valuable information at the fingertips of shipping customers. Need some info about a Caribbean store or a retail shipping business, call CentEx Online Store, 877-464-7152

Posted: June 22, 2016 in CentEx Store, Consulting


Caribbean Underground is a Network created through this Blog. Caribbean Underground identifies reliable Retail Shippers that cater to the Caribbean market – e.g., CARICOM – and Caribbean Stores here in the U.S. that display quality products on their shelves and share our philosophy of integrity and good customer service.

By Carl H. Charles, MA, Blog Administrator
Phone. 770-864-4871

  • Our Business Rating System is based solely on the high number of satisfied and repeat customers on record, reviews from some popular Apps, credible reports, and whether there are any pending and unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau
  • CentEx Cargo has a yearly fee of $16.99 to list a Caribbean store in the continental USA on this blog under the ‘CentEx Store’ category once you and your business have undergone the vetting process for store owners
  • I, Carl Charles, value Great Customer Service. Any Caribbean Store listed on the CentEx Cargo Blog will get 1 week of FREE Answering Service in English per month. Moreover, I desire and encourage a collaborative culture throughout the CentEx Store organization and Caribbean Underground network

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