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We Transport Box Trucks & Dump Trucks to U.S. Shipping Ports in Florida

The professional drivers we select on a need basis through a shipping board, have been assisting valued customers with the transport of their box trucks and dump trucks to U.S. ports that ship vehicles to the Caribbean since 2008.

Although some of the drivers that the auto transport team hires, specialize in hauling box trucks and dump trucks from Delaware and Georgia to a Florida port that ships mainly to Saint Marc and Gonaives in Haiti, they can however transport your vehicles to any other shipping ports and business in the state of Florida

Please keep in mind that the transport of box trucks and dump trucks require special equipment – e.g., Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailer, Removable Gooseneck Trailer, Detachable Lowboy Flatbed Trailer, Ratchet Straps, Flatbed Chain & Binders. We consequently ask for a reasonable budget to get the job done right. Part of that customary budget includes the insurance offers by the car carrier and ro-ro vessel for the cash value (bill of sale) or Blue Book value of your commercial vehicle.

For more information and to request a quote, send us a message via WhatsApp (770-864-4871). Your message should include: a) size of the box attached to the front end of the truck – For example, 16 foot box truck – b) height of the truck from the bottom of the back tires up to the very top of the box. And c) bumper-to-bumper length of the truck.

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