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A structure to bounce off money making ideas

One of my long term goals has always been about the ability to conceptualize a sound structure that attracts money making ideas. Whether it was Centuria Group or the CentEx Cargo Blog, the inspiration for their inception was to build the strong foundation of a platform for under-represented people and those too timid to go mainstream with an idea for a business. Such a platform would allow them to bounce off their business ideas with each other and others. That in and of itself is a gift – a golden opportunity. The rest is up to YOU. The name Centuria for this type of group, was chosen by our ‘2004-team’ for its meaning and represented to us a business capable of having 100 different units.

It is an ‘on-going’ process. CentEx Cargo blog posts range from a substantive discussion about ‘endemic corruption’ in some Caribbean customs to allocating adequate resources to tackle a specific venture in this huge US domestic market. For example, ‘freight broker training’ and actively soliciting the services of good freightforwarders came from one of my colleagues making an attempt to get his foot in the door of this industry as I deal with the peaks and valleys of ‘international shipping service’ from the US eastern seaboard to the Caribbean. This blog is not business 2.0 and consequently doesn’t have a complex organizational structure. What we have is ‘good old American ingenuity’ and a sharp business sense. This awareness also translates into the power of unlimited imagination, a collective positive attitude and subsequent synergy that allows all of us (i.e., active participants) make more money, give us access to a fountain of relevant knowledge, and opportunities to re-invent ourselves at any age. ‘Yes, your most valuable asset is YOU.’

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