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$31 price/each + shipping. 48″ X 48″ Wood Pallet for SALE. Call πŸ“ž 770-864-4871 (Minimun of 5)

The wood pallet is the workhorse of the international shipping business. Our pallets are made of tough and durable wood. Each pallet is heat-treated and meets ISPM 15 Export Specifications. Moreover, this oversized pallet can hold up to FOUR 77-gallon open head plastic barrels and has a maximum weight capacity of 3,500 lbs. A double stringer provides added strength and 2-way forklift access.

Please be advised that the featured image/pic at the very top, is a customized pallet. Leave us a message to inquire about how to place a special order of oversized and customized pallets

Request a Quote for the double stringer by using the Comment Section of this blog post. Be sure to include your complete address.

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