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LCL Export Service from Los Angeles, California to the Caribbean

Rest assured that we take good care of your freight. Here’s how our system works: get in touch with LCL Export on WhatsApp (7708644871). Request a Quote for boxes or barrels of personal effects. We need the dimensions of each box: Length – Width – and Height – i.e., measurements in inches. Moreover, you should have a rough idea of the approximate weight of your shipment. Having that piece of information will allow any agent overlooking the WhatsApp account to give you a complete quote. Every year, an IT specialist re-programs our shipping software to generate quotes based on a flat rate per square foot or per barrel. Most of our resources are allocated for the transport of full truck loads and drayage of containers. Therefore, we don’t provide residential pickup service in L.A. nor do we sell empty barrels from the warehouse.

To inquire about buying empty barrels in the state of California, call 📞 800-273-3786 or share with us on this site where you buy barrels or polydrums. You can drop off your full barrels to the warehouse once you receive a booking number from LCL Export. You can also hire a courier service company to do it for you.

CentEx Cargo provides reliable International Shipping Service from Los Angeles, California to Jamaica, Guyana, St Lucia, and to some of the major ports in the Caribbean. The LCL Export team is part of the most efficient logistics infrastructure in the US, and our players are winners who get the job done.

Our current address:

CentEx Cargo – C/O EMPIRE CFS INC.* 19516 South Susana Road * Compton, California 90221

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