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LCL Export Service from Los Angeles County, California to the Caribbean

Reliable International Shipping Service from Los Angeles County, California to all the major ports in the Caribbean. CentEx Cargo is part of one of the most efficient logistics systems in the country, and also has a winning team to get the job done.

Rest assured that we take good care of your freight. Here’s our system works: on WhatsApp or over the Phone, you provide to an LCL Export Rep, the dimensions (i.e., measurements in inches) of each pallet and how many pallets you have in your shipment. Moreover, you should have a good idea of the approximate weight of each loaded pallet and the maximum capacity. Having that piece of information will allow an agent to give you an accurate quote. The same goes for shipping full barrels of personal effects. For example, 4 fifty-five gallon plastic barrels on a 48″ x 48″ pallet. Each barrel weighs 175 lbs/each + weight of 48″ x 48″ pallet. A professional forklift operator will use a commercial scale at the warehouse to get the exact weight of your shipment.

A courteous Agent will then assign a quote number to your shipment. To turn that ‘quote ‘ into a booking, we need to process a payment over the phone. This booking number will allow you, valued customer, to drop off your shipment(s) at the following address:

CentEx Cargo/STG Logistics/California LAX CFSE * 2201 E. Carson Street * Carson, California 90810

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