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A structure to bounce off money making ideas

One of my long term goals has always been about the ability to conceptualize a sound structure that attracts money making ideas. Whether it was Centuria Group or the CentEx Cargo Blog, the inspiration for their inception was to build the strong foundation of a platform for under-represented people and those too timid to go mainstream with an idea for a business. Such a platform would allow them to bounce off their business ideas with each other and others. That in and of itself is a gift – a golden opportunity. The rest is up to YOU. The name Centuria for this type of group, was chosen by our ‘2004-team’ for its meaning and represented to us a business capable of having 100 different units.

It is an ‘on-going’ process. CentEx Cargo blog posts range from a substantive discussion about ‘endemic corruption’ in some Caribbean customs to allocating adequate resources to tackle a specific venture in this huge US domestic market. For example, ‘freight broker training’ and actively soliciting the services of good freightforwarders came from one of my colleagues making an attempt to get his foot in the door of this industry as I deal with the peaks and valleys of ‘international shipping service’ from the US eastern seaboard to the Caribbean. This blog is not business 2.0 and consequently doesn’t have a complex organizational structure. What we have is ‘good old American ingenuity’ and a sharp business sense. This awareness also translates into the power of unlimited imagination, a collective positive attitude and subsequent synergy that allows all of us (i.e., active participants) make more money, give us access to a fountain of relevant knowledge, and opportunities to re-invent ourselves at any age. ‘Yes, your most valuable asset is YOU.’

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$81 price/each + shipping. New 55 Gallon Open Head Plastic Barrels/Poly Drums for Sale. To order, call 770-864-4871

A courteous associate is ready to assist you. Call before 6 PM Eastern Standard Time for same day shipping. Our Barrel Outlet needs a complete address in order to give you, valued customer, a complete quote with the exact cost of shipping to a residence, storage unit, or place of business. We deliver 55 gallon plastic barrels/polydrums and 75 gallon fiber barrels in the U.S. Lower 48 States.

PLASTIC BARRELS: Safely ship household goods and store dry, solid products, and even rain water. Corrosion-free and dent-resistant polyethylene. Quick-lock lid included that won’t pop open during transit.

DIMENSIONS: L 35″ X W 23″ X H 23″

COLOR: Black or blue.

We can process your payment over the telephone or you can visit the paypal link below at the very bottom of the page to pay for your order of polydrums (Minimum of 2 Barrels). Bookkeeping will send you a separate invoice via email 📧 for shipping and delivery.

We also accept ZELLE as a form of payment for Barrel Sales (Name: Carl Charles – Phone 📱770-864-4871)

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What does the future hold for CentEx Cargo on Twitter?

Like many other social media platforms, Twitter can be dynamic in terms of attracting a large enough audience to remain relavant and be on the cutting edge. As a blog that caters to courier services and international shipping service from the US to the Caribbean, the team at CentEx Cargo has been using ‘content marketing’ to attract the right followers. We have been approached by several third- party companies not affiliated to Twitter, selling us strategies, they claimed, could exponentially increase our number of followers. But, after many meetings to look into those strategies, the team came to the conclusion that those followers were generic and had no interest in courier services, nor in international shipping service.

I am fully aware that having a conversation about courier services in Atlanta, Georgia and Seattle, Washington for instance, is not sexy. So, to spice things up a bit, I regularly share tweets about current events and mundane things that are getting lots of attention from valued customers, potential customers, and the average American nuclear family. The hashtag (#) feature of this platform enables me to engage in conversations with other businesses and individuals. I also use ‘retweet with a comment’ as a genuine way to be part of the dialogue and gain visibility. As you all know, I am mostly interested in your side on this issue. Your suggestions mean the world to me. So, what’s your Twitter Handle? And, how do you use Twitter to keep a particular topic dear to you, in the forefront of our collective discussion?

Lastly, the CentEx Cargo blog carefully chooses which social media platform deserves our advertising dollars. This decision process is based mainly on ‘getting the most bang for the buck.’ As a business or individual account, how would you describe your experience with Twitter Ads? Well, I think Twitter can make it easier for customers to pay for ‘engagements,’ and ‘impressions.’ Their analytics are good, but their payment methods are too restrictive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Feel free to write a comment in the ‘comment section.’ I will not post it without your verbal consent.

Check out CentEx Cargo (@CentExCargo) on Twitter. Follow us. We follow back …

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Stay in touch with loved ones in the Caribbean

When you ship barrels of household goods from the US to the Caribbean, you, without a doubt, are telling your loved ones how much you miss them and appreciate them. Shipping your full barrels to the Caribbean is definitely a labor of love.

Though, we recommend that every customer put a security and utility seal on each barrel, our team has also an excellent track record of making sure, every item you put in a barrel, get to its final destination intact.

We have been shipping barrels of household goods to the Caribbean for valued customers in over a decade. CentEx Cargo provides reliable Caribbean shipping service from Baltimore, Maryland, Linden, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia, Miami, Florida, and Seattle, Washington.

Stay in touch with the team that delivers, 770-864-4871

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We Transport Box Trucks to U.S. Shipping Ports on the Eastern Seaboard

We, at CentEx Cargo, have been assisting valued customers and fellow bloggers with the transport of their Box Trucks to U.S. Shipping Ports since 2008.

Given the high demand for services, some of our professional drivers specialize in the transport and shipping of Box Trucks from New Jersey and Georgia to the ports of Miragoane and Saint Marc in Haiti.

Please keep in mind that the transport of Box Trucks require Special Equipment – e.g., Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailer, Removable Gooseneck Trailer, Detachable Lowboy Flatbed Trailer, Ratchet Straps, Flatbed Chain & Binders. We need a reasonable budget to get the job done right. We also offer insurance for the cash value and Blue Book Value of your Box Truck.

For more info or to request a quote, send us a message via WhatsApp (770-864-4871). The message must include the size of the box attached to the truck – For example, 16 foot box truck – Height of the truck from one of the back tires up to the very top of the box. And lastly, bumper-to-bumper Length of the truck 🚚

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How you can start a business without quitting your day job


This is definitely a new area for me. When it comes to entrepreneurship, I have been using one consistent analogy for a very long time, ‘when you get on the high diving board of a swimming pool, there is only one option: Jumping in both feet. Lately, however, I’ve been asked by a number of readers of the CentEx Cargo Blog to write about ‘how to have a side hustle without quitting your day job.’ Apparently, there are a lot of people that are interested in starting a small busines capable of generating a new stream of revenue as supplemental income to their paychecks. I am a firm believer that as a part-time entrepreneur/full-time employee, you should stick to what you do best. Your job is your working capital for this new venture and pays the bills. Therefore, whatever you do, don’t bring the distractions of searching for a side hustle to your job. You should stay the course of giving 100% to the responsibilities and duties of your job description and to being productive.

How do you find the business that is right for you? First, you need to pick a day of the week when you are not overconsumed by the responsibilities of your full time job and family obligations. The core activities of that day should be about creating boundaries and the testing of ideas for your side hustle. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most part-time entrepreneurs choose an industry that’s close to their employment experience and expertise. I also recommend choosing a field that you are passionate about. Another deciding factor can be finding an industry that aligns with your values and skill set. Some of you may have several good ideas for a side business. You can narrow down those choices by moving to the next phase of the decision process. That phase consists of finding ‘beta testers’ from your network, assuming it is large enough. Whatever you, don’t badger your close friends about buying some of your products and/or services. The purpose of finding ‘beta testers’ is to quickly assess if there is a demand for the products you want to sell or the services you plan to offer. Your network may not offer an accurate cross-section of the market for your goods and services. Your next option is to devote enough time to tap into the free resources that can help you get started. For example, SCORE, the Special Corps of Retired Executives, with the following web address, can assist you with finding ‘beta testers’ in the larger community. Morever, you can get a mentor from this non-profit organization. He/she has extensive experience in assisting people like you start a small business on their own. Some of the free business mentoring services from SCORE would include showing you how to find potential customers and identify your target market(s).

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is also a great place to get started. During your ‘set-aside day with boundaries,’ I recommend you spend a few hours browsing the SBA’s website at You will find information about building content for your small business and how to come up with the right structure. You are now in the critical phase – i.e., the one in which you make a decision and pick the field. You don’t need a ‘business plan’ and a fancy website right off the bat for your side hustle. But having the right structure from the onset will determine whether you stay in business and make extra money. The right structure for your side hustle also implies keeping everything legal. As a consultant, I make it a point to warn any full-time employees about the pitfalls of choosing any labor intensive fields or a service business. The business world is competitive enough; just imagine how well your business would do, if you were to wait until you get off work before you could start returning the phone calls of prospects and potential customers. That approach would not work in your favor even with an Automated Voicemail System. Because ‘the average caller to any service business, expects a call back in half hour.’ If that average prospect doesn’t get the information he/she is looking for, within the hour, the name of your business is immediatly crossed out from his list of possible business providers. Your skill set and passion may compel you to go into ‘labor extensive technology’ or a service business in spite of my caveat. No worries, I have some well tested suggestions that can surely help you with implementing the right structure from home. Visit my Facebook business page at and inbox me some of your structural concerns and the specific industry you are passionate about.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2017 that there were 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S. And 20 percent of those home-based businesses make $100K – $500K per year. You can sell goods online with Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and even CentExOnlineStore. This is something you can do after ‘working hours,’ in your free time as long as you give your paying customers realistic ETA’s – i.e., Estimated Time of Arrival and/or delivery date of a product ordered by a customer. Perhaps, ‘Direct Selling’ or network marketing is your niche. You may be familiar with it from the likes of the local Avon Lady or Mary Kay Specialist who rung your doorbell one weekend or from the neighborhood Tupperware party. And lastly, from your BFF’s fashion show you attended last year. In case you didn’t know, that fashion show was an opportunity for your girlfriend to showcase her new line of clothing (or clothes received on consignment) to a handful of potential buyers. I would not be surprised if a couple of Clothing Retail Store Managers were in attendance.

Unfortunately, I am restricted by the limitations of a blogger. So, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Feel free to post a comment in the appropriate section. I look forward to receiving your feedback about ideas, specifics, and the types of business you would choose as a side hustle.


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3 fundamental techniques to winning people over 

Nobody wants to be around a chronic complainer or a negative person. ‘Don’t complain because nobody is listening.’ If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. If you don’t like the way you’re being treated, by all means, demand to be treated differently. If that approach doesn’t yield the desired outcome, then it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

Common sense tells us that destructive criticism has never helped anyone. First and foremeost, what kind of criticism is considered ‘destructive,’ and why do so many people use it? Destructive criticism is the type of criticism that points out faults in others or directly attacks the other person in a conversation, verbal exchange, with no consideration for his/her feelings. It aims to show that the other person has no worth at that particular time and their position on a given issue has no validity. To make matters worse, the perpetrator offers no plausible solutions to remedy the situation and no practical advice. Most people who dispense their opinions even when not asked in the form of destructive criticism are simply inconsiderate to those they condemn, insecure about their own thing – i.e., skeleton in the closet – desperately trying to boost their own egos. Therefore, don’t follow this reckless path, instead take heed of the following three (3) instructions and follow them religiously if you really want to win people over:

1st) Don’t criticize, condemn or complain

2nd) Give honest and sincere appreciation.

3rd) Arouse in the other person, according to renowned author Dale Carnegie, ‘an eager want.’

Dale Carnegie understood as far back as in the 1930’s: it’s usually fun and enjoyable for people to do things when they want to do them. And, for the most part, people don’t really want to do what is asked of them. For the purpose of this exercise and blog post, why not start with a thorough understanding of the other person’s hope, desire, and what motivates him or her. Acquiring that critical piece of information about another human being is paramount to influencing that person. And lastly, it has been proven, the only way to win over your employees, customers, and a peer is to talk about what they really want and show them how to get and satisfy that ‘eager want.’

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Do you want to make the right decision every time? First, you need to have a good understanding of the psychology of ‘decison making’

Like anything else in life, the decision making process can be straightforward and simple or it can involve lots of factors to the point of being complicated and eventually stressing you out. Whenever, you make a big decision, especially one that involves a large investment of resources and effort, you want to feel like you’ve made the right decision. To ward off regret or avoid acknowledging that you may have made the wrong decision, you may begin to idealize the option you chose and devalue the one you rejected. This case scenario can be seen in people who express wanting change or reform for example but when all they do is ‘pay lip service’ to the subject matter. One place where this tendency can go awry is within our current political landscape. It creates rifts between people that are in the trenches ‘day in and day out,’ making a difference and those that just sit around and talk about it but take no action. Well, cognitive dissonance provides one possible explanation. In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the psychological stress or mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. Even if you don’t share this belief or openly express these thoughts as I just described, but the fact that you devalue a given decision or entirely reject it, will impact your feelings toward others. With some degree of certainty, it will control how you react to somebody else’s decision that differs from yours. Subsequently, you will express those sentiments in subtle ways. This wedge between people as a result of different choices can also be compounded by ignorance and inertia. One way or the other, as key players in this journey, we have to take a stance and decide in order to safeguard our views and protect our interests. Which can also lead to a thorough understanding of the decision making process. How else would we identify the bottlenecks in this process? A handful of people take great pride in being neutral. Are they really neutral or just indecisive? How would you explain the many kinks in the line of communication? And way too often, there is no room for a win-win compromise.

On the one hand, it’s useful to remember that most decisions have pros and cons, just because a choice has some downsides doesn’t mean it was wrong or it needs to be justified against other alternatives. Ignorance and inertia, on the other hand, are dangerous. Far too many people will go along with a wrong decision because they idealize the option chosen for them. Besides, it is very mentally stressful, draining, and it takes way too much work for some people to process new information and keep looking at new data.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I look forward to receiving your input and reading them – Kind Regards, Carl Charles