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$31 price/each + shipping. 48″ X 48″ Wood Pallet for SALE. Call 📞 770-864-4871 (Minimun of 5)

The wood pallet is the workhorse of the international shipping business. Our pallets are made of tough and durable wood. Each pallet is heat-treated and meets ISPM 15 Export Specifications. Moreover, it can hold up to FOUR 77-gallon open head plastic barrels. This oversized pallet has a maximum weight capacity of 3,500 lbs. A double stringer provides added strength and 2-way forklift access.

To Request a Quote, use the Comment Section of this blog post or Post a Comment. Be sure to include your complete address.

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$81 price/each + shipping. New 55 Gallon Open Head Plastic Barrels/Poly Drums for Sale. To order, call 770-864-4871

A courteous representative is ready to assist you. Call before 6 PM Eastern Standard Time for same day shipping. We need a complete address in order to give you, valued customer, a complete quote with the exact cost of shipping to a residence, storage unit, or your place of business. We deliver 55 gallon plastic barrels & polydrums and 75 gallon fiber barrels in the U.S. Lower 48 States.

PLASTIC BARRELS: Safely ship household goods and store dry, solid products, and even rain water. Corrosion-free and dent-resistant polyethylene. Quick-lock lid included that won’t pop open during transit.

DIMENSIONS: L 35″ X W 23″ X H 23″

COLOR: Black or blue.

We can process your payment over the telephone or you can visit the link below or at the very bottom of this page to pay for your order of polydrums. Accounting will send you a separate invoice for shipping and delivery.

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CentEx Online Store and Caribbean Underground Network put some valuable information at the fingertips of customers that ship to the Caribbean

Need some info about a Caribbean owned store in your area? Or would you like to know whether your local retail shipper and freight forwarder are running a legitimate business? Is he reliable? Did she in fact book a 40ft container? Caribbean Underground can and will give you definite ANSWERS to these questions.

Our team identifies business owners that are dependable, reliable retail shippers that cater to the Caribbean market (i.e., CARICOM), and Caribbean stores here in the USA that display quality products on their shelves and share our philosophy of integrity and good customer service.

Our business rating system is based on the following conditions:

Rating a business is based solely on the high number of satisfied and repeat customers on record. Reviews from popular apps and credible reports based on sound surveys are determining factors. Our review board also looks for pending and unresolved consumer complaints with the Better Business Bureau for example, against your business?

$16.99 yearly premium to list a Caribbean store and/or shipping company in the U.S. Lower 48 states to this network – i.e., under the ‘CentEx Store’ category. Our team uses a vetting process that’s completely above board.

This network values great customer service. Any Caribbean store or retail shipping business listed on this blog has our endorsement and will get one month of FREE answering service in English.

CentEx Online Store and Caribbean Underground desire and encourage a collaborative work culture.

To pay the ‘yearly premium’ for listing your Caribbean business in a major site or to pay ‘referral fees’ for recommending you to a SHIP, shipping line, and retail SHIPPER, visit the secure link below:

Need more info, call CentEx Online Store, 877-464-7152

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$15 each + shipping. Wardrobes Boxes for Sale. In Atlanta, Georgia, Call 770-864-4871 to order 

Inside Length × Width × Height (24″ × 20″ × 46″)

Double Wall Wardrobe Boxes. Bundle of 5 Boxes * Holds: 12.8 cubic feet

Wardrobe boxes are a must for anyone who likes designer clothes and is moving or shipping them overseas

For out-of-state orders, call 877-464-7152 before 6pm Eastern Standard Time for same day shipping

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$71.99 each + shipping. 15 cu. ft. bags of packing peanuts for Sale. Call 877-464-7152 

Product Description: Packing peanuts, white, size. 15 cubic feet, height. 48 inches, length. 25 inches, width. 35 inches, material. cornstarch, resuable.

Price. $16.99 each + shipping. Another hot selling item in-stock, size. 3 cubic feet, smallest and very popular bags of packing peanuts.

They are great for packing and shipping delicate items

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$71.00 price/each + shipping. 75 Gallon Open Top Fiber Barrels for Sale. Call 770-864-4871

A courteous Representative is ready to assist you with your order.

We have a mimum of 2 for online orders. Call before 6pm Eastern Standard Time for same day shipping. In Atlanta, Georgia, you can call 770-864-4871 for in-store orders and pickups at the CentEx Cargo Drop-Off Points.

FIBER BARRELS: Safely ship and store household goods, dry, and solid products. Steel rings reinforce top and bottom.

DIMENSIONS: L 43″X W 23″ X H 23″

TO PLACE AN ORDER of 75 gallon fiber barrels in the US Lower 48 States, post your request at the bottom of this blog post. Be sure to include your full name, quantity, your complete street address, and a valid email address.

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Padlock Seals for Sale. $0.25 each per order of 1000. Call 770-864-4871

$0.25 each per order of 1,000 padlock seals + shipping.

Secure utility meters and barrels of household goods.

2 1/2″ in length.
Yellow or blue.
Wire cutter needed to cut solid steel hasp.
Consecutively numbered for easy tracking (Item# H-916).


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When You Order 100 Seventy-Seven Gallon Open Top Plastic Barrels in Atlanta, GA, You Only Pay $42 per unit + shipping

Excellent for indoor and outdoor use. Corrosion-free and dent resistant. Great for collecting rain water and shipping household goods overseas.

Suggested retail price is $58 each barrel in the state of Georgia. Act now and take advantage of this fantastic offer. Terms and conditions apply. Call 770-864-4871