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Fast and reliable door-to-port service from the Atlanta GA area. CentEx Cargo has been providing quality services to valued customers since 2004.

To inquire about our Less than Container Load Service (LCL) to a particular country NOT listed on this Blog entry or to a listed country, call Online Customer Service, 877-464-7152

Excellent for indoor and outdoor use. Corrosion-free and dent resistant. Great for shipping household goods overseas and collecting rain water.

Suggested Retail Price. Between $55.90 and $58 each Barrel – Act now and take advantage of this one-time offer and call 770-864-4871. Terms and conditions apply.


CentEx Cargo provides full container service and business to business service from Manhattan, New York to the ports and airports in the Caribbean, Central America, and worldwide. Whenever you are shipping a 40ft container from anywhere on the U.S. eastern seaboard, using ‘Live Load’ or ‘Drop & Pick,’ think of CentEx Cargo. We provide fast and reliable service. And ‘Accountability in Shipping’ is our motto.

Business to Business (B2B) Shipping is a multi-billion dollar industry. CentEx Cargo has an excellent track record of shipping quality products directly to businesses in the Caribbean and Central America. The CentEx Cargo team understands the importance of building and maintaining relationships with our overseas partners. Moreover, we compete for their businesses. Our team is competent and loyal to our partners’ brand. We get our products directly from the manufacturers then export them to a port or an airport near your business to save you money.

Business owners and entrepreneurs alike are always eager to talk about their journey to the top, their areas of expertise, and even show a willingness to share their experiences and the working model that has been proven successful to them and to countless others in their network. Whether it’s Ray Kroc who joined McDonald in 1955 as a franchise agent, and eventually bought the fast food chain from the McDonald brothers. Or Fred Deluca, co-founder and president of Subway and William Rosenberg who created Dunkin’ Donuts, their stories are almost identical. The desire to describe to “want-to-be” franchisors how they conceptualize the idea for a franchise is always present. They incessantly provide detailed account of the step by step process of the planning stage, and finally how they got to the implementation phase of their franchise. This blog entry, however, is different and unique. I am taking the initiative to explore and discuss a concept for a franchise that has been discussed by many but has yet to come to fruition. Therefore, my question to readers is as follows: can a good entrepreneur franchise the international shipping business from the Eastern Seaboard of the United States to Haiti? I am looking forward to reading some of your input and feedback.

First and foremost, before starting any business venture, and entrepreneur has to get all his/her ducks in a row. In this particular instance, it means having the right expertise, enough capital, and your immediate family’s support before you start working on having your first retail location, the single store that will hopefully serve as your operating prototype. Don’t put the cart before the horse by rushing into renting an expensive back office -e.g., an executive suite – without having first a strong customer base. There are so many factors to consider. For instance, 1) Is the international shipping business from the U.S. to Haiti franchisable? 2) Can my personal life handle such an arduous process? 3) Is my significant other fully on board? and lastly 4) Can I afford (money wise and in terms of mental commitment) to tackle a project of that magnitude? The litmus test for this project is to spend at least 6 months in your first retail location and be 100% involved in its day-to-day operations. That valuable experience will help you determine whether you are in this for the long haul and whether you have a proven operation and money-making prototype that’s absolutely necessary before you begin to consider having your next retail location. For the purpose of this blog entry, let’s say that the local customers are buying your products and services like hot cakes, and consequently, you make a sizable profit every month while manage to keep your overhead fairly low. Are you with me on this? Better yet, are you now ready to take your stand-alone store to the next level?

The prototype or working model I have in mind for this project, is a one-stop shop that sells moving and shipping supplies and specializes in courier services and Less than Container Load (LCL) International Shipping Service. Here is the hard part: a business idea is deemed franchisable for 3 specific reasons. 1) It’s profitable, 2) It can be replicated, and 3) It has a documented system that’s easy for others to follow. It is crucial at this juncture to understand that franchising is a separate business from running a “mom and pop” store or the back office of a retail shipping business. As a franchise owner, you would need to devote full-time to creating a much bigger and challenging business system. To proceed to the next step, you would need to hire a consultant that would help all interested parties determine that this franchise idea is solid, and then assist the main stakeholders with finding ways of becoming well-capitalized.

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International Shipping Service from Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and West Palm Beach, Fl to Africa, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. For our lowest quotes and to make a booking, call Customer Care, 877-464-7152

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We only listed Caribbean countries where we’ve actually shipped full barrels of personal effects though we have the wherewithal to ship everywhere in the Caribbean. Nonetheless, if you are a potential customer and don’t see the Caribbean island where you want to ship on the CentEx Cargo list, please call 770-864-4871 to talk to an Agent. Inquiries about whether CentEx Cargo provides Less than Container Load (LCL) service to a specific country in the Caribbean, are more than welcome. Thank you for your interest in CentEx Cargo!

Suggested Retail Price for an Open Head 77 Gal Plastic Barrel in the State of Georgia is between $55.90 and $58.00.


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