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Reliable International Shipping Service from Atlanta, Georgia to Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 To make a booking, call 📞 770-864-4871

Fast and reliable door-to-port service from Atlanta, Georgia to Barataria, Trinidad. We ship every Friday to Freeport. CentEx Cargo has been providing ocean freight services to valued customers in Trinidad and Tobago since 2004.

To inquire about our Less than Container Load Service (LCL), ‘Leave a Reply’ in the Comment Section or Visit

Send us a message on WhatsApp (7708644871) for our LCL Service to the Caribbean.

Please find the coordinates of the agent in Trinidad 🇹🇹

LJ Williams LTD * Medway Warehouse Facility * Forsis Complex * 614 Southern Main Road (St Mary’s) * Freeport, Trinidad * Phone 📱 (868) 674-1800 – Ext. 130 – Ext. 131 * Email 📧

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Business to Business (B2B) International Shipping Services from Manhattan, NYC and Atlanta, Georgia. Need more info, send us an email 📧


CentEx Cargo together with STG Logistics provide reliable and personalized supply chain solutions to clients that import goods from overseas (China, Japan, South Korea, Ethiopia, and Kenya … etc). Our team will handpick a number of Import Logistics and Warehousing professionals to act as an extension of your own company. ‘Accountability in Shipping’ is our motto.

Business to Business (B2B) Shipping is a multi-billion dollar industry. CentEx Cargo has an excellent track record of shipping quality products directly to businesses worldwide. Moreover, we compete for the long term agreements and collaboration with our business-to-business partners. Our team is competent and take good care of our clients’ freight. We provide inventory optimization to every importer. Our overall service can also include seamless integration of your online shopping cart with Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Alibaba, and much more. The CentEx Cargo Blog supports the ‘Made in the USA’ label. Which explains why we meticulously choose qualify American made products through US manufacturer direct sale then exports any specialized orders to a port or an airport near your business to save you money. We have the wherewithal and understanding of the largest B2B Marketplace for manufactured products. And, the import-export team understands the importance of building and maintaining relationships with our overseas partners.

It pays to stay on top of any supply chain crisis. CentEx Cargo is ‘Your Partner for Greater Profitabilty.’

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Many thanks to the city of Washington, DC for this prestigious award! But most importantly, it belongs to our valued customers and the CentEx Cargo team



“Raising the Bar from Montreal to Miami,” was our last slogan. The CentEx Cargo team specializes in Less than Container Load (LCL) Service to Central America and the Caribbean. For more information about CentEx Cargo and the CentEx Online Store, visit the Link below

CentEx Cargo and CentEx Online Store, a division of Centuria Group, created a movement in the midst of the Great Recession of 2008, known as CARIBBEAN UNDERGROUND. This movement has turned into a network of Caribbean stores, Ethiopian stores, and retail shippers. CARIBBEAN UNDERGROUND entails assisting repeat customers and potential customers find ‘mom-and-pop stores’ that survived the worst economic crisis in the United States since the Great Depression. But most importantly, those retail shippers and stores share our philosophy of integrity, good customer service, and display high quality products on their shelves.

To inquire about ratings, store locations, products and services, call Distribution/Atlanta, 770-864-4871

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions (continued)


How much does it cost for CentEx Cargo to ship a medium-sized box from Atlanta, GA to Oranjestad, Aruba?

First, you need to know the exact dimensions of your box – i.e., Length, Width, and Height. To get these measurements accurately, you need a “tape measure” that provides the exact dimensions needed in inches. A warehouse employee will also measure and compare his dimensions to yours. The CentEx Cargo dimensions will be used to calculate the cubic feet of your box – i.e., Length x Width x Height = Figure, and that Figure Divided by 1728 (“x” means “times”). A set rate per cubic foot will be used to determine the first charge of the costs of shipping a box. To provide you with a quote over the phone or via email for shipping that same box from Atlanta, GA to Aruba, you also need to tell the Representative the approximate weight of the box. You can use your body weight as a reference then eyeball the box to come up with an honest and educated guess. Moreover, you can always get boxes from a place like U-Haul or Staples that sells Small, Medium, and Large boxes with the dimensions of each size, respectively. There’s also a maximum weight limit allotted for each size. A warehouse staff will use a state-of-the-art commercial scale that will provide a final read of the exact weight of your box. A set rate per each 100 lbs programmed in the shipping software will be used to determine the last charge of the costs of shipping for your box 📦

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

I have devoted this entire blog post to this important section. 80% of the calls received by businesses are ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’ It’s no wonder that Corporate America has gradually moved from ‘Live Operators’ to an automated voicemail system. In the shipping industry, Reps are spending their valuable time generating quotes for potential customers, being proactive, and generating the required paperwork for your shipments.

My job entails selling those quotes, turning some of them into ‘bookings,’ and making sure those bookings are aligned with good customer service.

I’d like to start this FAQ process by providing two (2) summarized answers to two (2) frequently asked questions. I look forward to answering more questions written in the appropriate section by prospects and potential customers. Feel free to ask any shipping related questions even those that aren’t listed in this post. It takes a member of our team 24 – 48 hours to answer:

1st Question
Why do so many established shipping companies give quotes to customers instead of using set rates?

Major shipping companies have been giving quotes to potential customers that are good for at least 3 months rather than using a flat rate. The international shipping business is very dynamic. We still have flat rates in some major US cities for shipping barrels. However, for the most part, rates fluctuate at reasonable intervals because we’re using a shipping software that generates quotes based on dimensions and the approximate weight given to a Rep. It is also practical for many shippers to use the services of a Freight Forwarder from an NVOCC warehouse. Freight Forwarders together with some Brokers will always work hard to find the best deals for our shipping company. This approach will result into discounts and SALE, CentEx Cargo can pass on to customers.

2nd Question
How does CentEx Cargo & Transport charge locally to pickup customers’ freight?

CentEx Cargo & Transport charges $2 per mile for the first 50 miles. Tabulation of the distance traveled or mileage starts at the point where one particular driver and his vehicle are stationed or at the warehouse where he/she is responsible to deliver your cargo. After the first 50 miles, we charge $1.75 for each additional mile. However, do keep in mind that the CentEx Cargo drivers are limited to the type of technology they can bring to a private residence or storage unit. In order for us to give a customer an accurate quote for pickup and delivery, we need to have the exact number of pieces in your shipment, the approximate weight of each piece. Every shipment has to be on a ground floor. Most drivers are independent contractors that work alone. They only carry a hand truck or a dolly. If you have more than 2 barrels, your shipment needs to go on a pallet. Ordering a commercial vehicle – i.e., box truck – with an electronic liftgate will cost you more. Commercial pickups require a loading dock and the customer sharing with us beforehand the type technology that’s available. The pickup of your shipment can be done smoothly and in a timely deadline as long as you provide us with accurate information.

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International Shipping Tip from Seattle, Washington to Jamaica

Sending barrels instead of boxes from Seattle, Washington via ocean freight shipping to a port in the Caribbean can save you time and money. The new 77 gallon open-head plastic barrel allows you to ship a lot more freight in one shipment than any large box. Unfortunately, they aren’t available yet in Seattle and Portland. However, you can ship two 55 gallon barrels as an alternative. This would allow you to ship almost twice as much cargo and at an affordable price. The retail price for 55 gallon open top plastic barrels (new or reconditioned) varies. Rest easy; CentEx Cargo sells them ONLINE. Go to MENU of this site/blog. From the drop down fields of MENU, click on CENTEX STORE. Then scroll down to find the product that you’re looking for – 55 gallon open head plastic barrel. There’s always the bigger 75 gallon fiber barrels that we also sell ONLINE. Shipping 1 large box can run you from $675 to $1,050. Sending a minimum of 2 barrels via ocean freight from Kent, Washington to any port in the Caribbean is undoubtedly more cost-effective. Because, the average cost of shipping 1 full barrel of household goods is $225. This, by far, will save you money, even all the way on the other side of the country, in the Pacific Northwest.

Please leave your comments in the appropriate section – i.e., at the very bottom of this blog post. Or SEND the LCL Export Staff a message on WhatsApp (7708644871) and join this conversation.