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CentEx Cargo is on Instagram

CentEx Cargo is ‘The Next Level of International Shipping.’ It’s common knowledge that social media is now the long tail of marketing. In that spirit, we want to tell our repeat customers, B2B clients, and this new niche market that CentEx Cargo has a business page on Instagram. This platform attracts a young demographic, mainly millennials and some new people across the board. Our LCL Export Team has had the opportunity on many occasions to rub shoulders with some Instagram Influencers, an inspiration to a couple of our posts. This is an opportunity to tell a new audience or some prospects and potential customers about our goods and services, and share shipping facts – e.g., the international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade. Lastly, our team enjoys sharing some fun and zany stories.

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What does the future hold for CentEx Cargo on Twitter?

Like many other social media platforms, Twitter can be dynamic in terms of attracting a large enough audience to remain relavant and be on the cutting edge. As a blog that caters to courier services and international shipping service from the US to the Caribbean, the team at CentEx Cargo has been using ‘content marketing’ to attract the right followers. We have been approached by several third- party companies not affiliated to Twitter, selling us strategies, they claimed, could exponentially increase our number of followers. But, after many meetings to look into those strategies, the team came to the conclusion that those followers were generic and had no interest in courier services, nor in international shipping service.

I am fully aware that having a conversation about courier services in Atlanta, Georgia and Seattle, Washington for instance, is not sexy. So, to spice things up a bit, I regularly share tweets about current events and mundane things that are getting lots of attention from valued customers, potential customers, and the average American nuclear family. The hashtag (#) feature of this platform enables me to engage in conversations with other businesses and individuals. I also use ‘retweet with a comment’ as a genuine way to be part of the dialogue and gain visibility. As you all know, I am mostly interested in your side on this issue. Your suggestions mean the world to me. So, what’s your Twitter Handle? And, how do you use Twitter to keep a particular topic dear to you, in the forefront of our collective discussion?

Lastly, the CentEx Cargo blog carefully chooses which social media platform deserves our advertising dollars. This decision process is based mainly on ‘getting the most bang for the buck.’ As a business or individual account, how would you describe your experience with Twitter Ads? Well, I think Twitter can make it easier for customers to pay for ‘engagements,’ and ‘impressions.’ Their analytics are good, but their payment methods are too restrictive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Feel free to write a comment in the ‘comment section.’ I will not post it without your verbal consent.

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Let’s keep the conversation about Social Media Marketing going

Social Media Marketing is definitely a process of gaining attention and traffic to your page, your business, a cause or hobby through the various social media sites. We are all active participants in the race to generate more traffic through social media platforms and redirect some members of our audience and their attention to a singular destination or landing page – e.g., an exercise program, an e-commerce page, or an App for selling international shipping service to the Caribbean to only cite 3 examples.

Some use their popularity as a student athlete, as an entertainer, a celebrity, and lastly, many go-getters use ‘good content and expertise’ to get lots of followers and friends to ‘like’ and ‘share’ their posts regularly. In this context, leveraging the power of an amazing content can elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way.

Many Social Media Marketing experts from Guy Kawasaki to Susan Gunelius strongly discourage that any individual users pay for ‘followers’ and ‘likes.’ However, it is recommended, business owners meticulously choose at least two social media sites where to do ‘paid advertising.’ One rule to always keep in mind when making that decision, is to choose social media sites that can potentially attract the right audience to your business. ‘Quality trumps quantity.’

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I always look forward to getting your input and reading your feedback. Feel free to write your commments in the appropriate section below. And what social media site would you choose to do sponsored or paid ads and why? Please indicate whether it is OK to publish your comment on this blog. By the way, I read all of them before they’re published to make sure they are appropriate. I am also committed to protecting your privacy.

For more relevant topics on the subject, visit the link below:

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Viral Marketing

Viral marketing entails using marketing techniques within some of the most popular social media sites to produce increases in brand awareness and achieve product sales. The objective is to get a much higher demand for your company services through replicating viral processes in the form of posts on sites that get lots of views, likes, and comments. In fact, according to a number of experts, we are now in a conversation economy. Therefore, in addition to conventional marketing techniques, any company that wishes to compete on a level playing field, regardless of size, has to remain active in the most popular social network sites and be part of the conversation. It is imperative that any reader of this blog understand that this new form of marketing is not designed to replace conventional marketing techniques. On the contrary, it should be used as a way to complement whatever else your company is already doing. For example, if your company has a marketing plan that includes: Local cable TV, radio, a major newspaper, magazines, bulk and direct mail marketing, and guerrilla marketing – e.g., passing out company flyers at a social event – you should not start cutting back. To reiterate, you should not cut the marketing budget of any company and eliminate ads proven to work based on the number of responses generated from potential customers. Having your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and getting a Blog are simply ways and means to join the conversation through the sharing of posts, pics, and videos with a target audience. That sounds simple enough but the trick is to find the right platform for a conversation that interests some key players, groups, and friends of your company without being intrusive. When using conventional marketing techniques, the main goal is to translate responses generated by means of creative ads into sales. That rule also applies to viral marketing. Thus, what should you do if your Facebook post, your pin on Pinterest, or the YouTube video about your company goes viral inside the long tail of marketing? Well, you should translate those social media activities into sales and revenue while reaping the financial benefits from YouTube and Twitter for example. The first benefit is often accomplished by showing potential customers in your tweets, posts, and streams how to respond and order your products and services during the course of what appears to be a non-intrusive and intriguing conversation. Always make sure that your company has the right infrastructure in place, one that can accommodate large volumes of calls and subsequent orders …

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The Long Tail of Marketing

The popularity of social media is just phenomenal. From a business perspective, marketing on these sites can be tricky because the online community on the social media platforms hates overt commercials or an advertiser asking people to stop what they are doing, to pay attention to a sponsored message. They prefer subtle …. like being part of it and joining a chosen conversation. Topics on Twitter for instance, that usually get my attention, range from #caribbeanshipping to #blacklivesmatter, and search engine optimization #SEO. And, based on the FB posts, I’ve chosen to boost, I came to the conclusion that your Facebook business page should not be about, just generating hype. My best approach to Facebook marketing involves three useful steps: deliver ideas and info to a network/group – interested in me and my products/services. Communicating with my Facebook friends is quite effective. And lastly, from a Facebook page for your business, anyone of us can do promoted posts for a fee and get personalized ad recommendations from a FB team.

Any blog post I write on social media is only to start the conversation. I am for the most part, interested in getting feedback and your input. What’s your favorite social media platform? Which one do you use on a daily basis? Do you feel that ‘part’ of you is missing, when you don’t have a device right there and then, to check the latest updates and feed. Have you or your business used any Instagram Influencers yet? The TikTok craze is pulling you in, like a magnet 🧲 You have a ‘wait and see’ attitude … please, don’t tell me: You prefer to be incognito.