My name is Carl H. Charles, Management Analyst and Administrator of this blog, with a background in management consulting, vocational rehabilitation, sales operations, and performance management. I am the epitome of an Aquarius for being a hopeless romantic and believing that a positive attitude and fidelity to a working model will get you over the hump every time. I have a Masters in Business Management and 15 + years of experience. As an entrepreneur my main desire is to inspire others’ imagination. My long term goal has always been about sharing a clear vision of ‘international shipping to the Caribbean’ with readers, potential customers, and valued customers. ‘It’s just the way it is’ should not be an acceptable position in this industry. When you see things you don’t like in any given business that you are passionate about, as an innovator, your first instinct is to get into that business and change things. This is the driving force behind this blog. My experience ranges from starting a home healthcare agency in Southern California to running a supported employment program in the Capital Beltway as “Program Director.” In 2004, my brother Nicholas aka Nick and I started Centuria Group in Washington, DC, with CentEx Cargo as one of its sub-divisions. CentEx Cargo is a blog for a logistics infrastructure of private companies that specialize in freight transport, logistics, and international shipping service. Our ten-year plan entails having a presence up and down the Eastern Seaboard, Upper West Coast of the United States, and in the Canadian province of Quebec. CentEx Cargo currently has a presence in Manhattan, New York for its B2B customers and a Distribution System in Atlanta, Georgia that enable us to provide intermodal transport of personal effects, courier services, ground transportation, and international shipping service from the U.S. to mainly Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America. I want to have a long term relationship with you. As a customer, you will experience BASIC, STANDARD, or CUSTOMIZED service. Our expertise is put to good use by solving some of the key problems you have faced in the shipping industry to the Caribbean. Moreover, I welcome your suggestions on how my winning team can better meet your international shipping needs.

Well, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and for showing an interest in this blog. Your tweets, emails, Snapchat stories, and Facebook responses are greatly appreciated.

Per your requests, here are a couple of the slogans we have used thus far: “Raising the Bar” from Montreal to Miami, and “The Next Level” of International Shipping. I look forward to using a few more, a process that requires laser like focus, contingent on the overall mission of the group, and how well the CentEx Cargo products and services are received by valued customers and the target market. Other pending CentEx Cargo slogans are: “You’re our #1 customer” and “your shipping needs are important to us.” My interests in this industry are broad and my fascination with intermodal freight transport and international shipping service is enduring.

For more information about CentEx Cargo and to contact me, write your comment directly at the bottom of this section. Or to add me to your network, please connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlcharles

  1. stacy brown says:

    May god bless u guys for the good job u r doing.


  2. kenley theronier says:

    Truly an inspiration. So much willingness and desire to provide great services.
    I would like to use your service guys.


  3. Amanda Garza says:

    Great company!


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