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Reliable International Shipping Service 🚢 from Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA to the Caribbean

In business since 2004, and we have the scars to prove it. We survived the Great Recession of 2008 and political unrest in a couple of Caribbean ports. CentEx Cargo remained efficient and functional during the pandemic. We’ve learned to work remotely, generating quotes and booking numbers while giving continued support to truckers and port employees deemed essential workers. As a result, we were able to expand and solidify the logistics infrastructure that’s available to us, our suppliers, and customers. We’re now part of a stronger ecosystem that has the capability of surviving the next crisis. We’ve been dealing with congestion in the port of Los Angeles in California and the port of New York/New Jersey, which causes severe delays in the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) given to the indivual shipper and consignee. In every instance, management instructed the entire hybrid team and in-person staff to tell the truth to customers. Caribbean Shipping needs a team like ours: a team who knows how to raise the bar and take its responsibilities seriously. A team that’s reliable and delivers to customers even when things appear impossible. A strategic inflection point or competition? Of all the changes in the forces of competition, the most difficult one to deal with, is when one of the forces becomes so strong; I mean by a ’10X’ factor, that it transforms the very essence of how business is conducted in this industry (e.g., Covid-19 or choosing the transport of full truck loads and drayage of containers over residential pickups). This is one of the main reasons why we stopped worrying about the competition. CentEx Cargo/STG Logistics stays ahead of the market and listens to its customers. Our LCL Export team is proactive and ready to take Caribbean shipping to the next level.

‘The Next Level of International Shipping ‘

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International Shipping Service from Seattle, Washington to the Caribbean

Reliable international shipping service from Seattle, Washington to Kingston, Montego Bay, Jamaica, and the rest of the Caribbean basin. Our cut-off day is Friday, and we sail every Saturday. The forklift operators and receiving clerks are part of a winning team that’s professional, consistent, and dependable. CentEx Cargo has been assisting valued customers with residential pickups on the US Eastern Seaboard and shipping to the main ports of the Caribbean since 2004.

Once you send a quote request to ‘LCL Export,’ an Agent will provide you, valued customer, with the cost of shipping together with an assigned quote number via WhatsApp or your preferred mode of communication. To turn that quote into a booking, LCL Export needs to process a payment over the phone, unless you have a line of credit with STG Logistics. This booking system allows Receiving Terminal at the warehouse in Kent, WA to accept your shiment(s).

CentEx Cargo provides warehouse-to-port service. Our Reps and agent in Jamaica track the freight of each individual customer. The CentEx Cargo LCL Export Team will provide you, valued customer, with regular updates of the movement of your cargo via WhatsApp, as soon as it’s completely processed in the warehouse. The shipper will get an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) making it possible to inform the consignee when his/her freight is ready for pick up. It is our recommendation that the person assigned in Jamaica to receive the barrels (i.e., consignee) use 2 pieces of information when making contact with the agent. To inquire about any shipment: you need the full name of ‘consignee’ and the booking number.

For your convenience, please find info about the Agent we use in Jamaica, below:

Freight Handlers LTD * 4 Fourth Avenue, Newport West * Kingston, Jamaica * Phone. (876) 937-5858 * Phone. (876) 937-5859

Freight Handlers LTD * 17 Kerr Crescent, St James * Montego Bay, Jamaica * Phone. (876) 952-6566

We have been transitioning from providing LCL Export Service to individual customers to offering logistics solutions to other businesses. Most of our resources are allocated to doing just that. However, we want to keep the conversation going. Therefore, to talk about shipping full barrels and your experience with ‘Receiving Terminal’ of the warehouse in Kent, Washington, ‘Leave a Reply’ in the Comment Section of this blog post.

For a timely response, please forward your Quote Request to the following email address 📧

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Online Checkout Link For Georgia and Maryland Only

77 Gallon Open Head Plastic Barrels are only available in GEORGIA & MARYLAND

In-Store SALE in Washington, DC and Lawrenceville, Georgia

$85 Price/Each

Fast Online Checkout for your purchase. Visit the link Below:

For BULK orders, price per unit + trucking in Georgia and Maryland, Call 770-864-4871

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LCL Export Service from Los Angeles, California to the Caribbean

Rest assured that we take good care of your freight. Here’s how our system works: get in touch with LCL Export on WhatsApp (7708644871). Request a Quote for boxes or barrels of personal effects. We need the dimensions of each box: Length – Width – and Height – i.e., measurements in inches. Moreover, you should have a rough idea of the approximate weight of your shipment. Having that piece of information will allow any agent overlooking the WhatsApp account to give you a complete quote. Every year, an IT specialist re-programs our shipping software to generate quotes based on a flat rate per square foot or per barrel. Most of our resources are allocated for the transport of full truck loads and drayage of containers. Therefore, we don’t provide residential pickup service in L.A. nor do we sell empty barrels from the warehouse.

To inquire about buying empty barrels in the state of California, call 📞 800-273-3786 or share with us on this site where you buy barrels or polydrums. You can drop off your full barrels to the warehouse once you receive a booking number from LCL Export. You can also hire a courier service company to do it for you.

CentEx Cargo provides reliable International Shipping Service from Los Angeles, California to Jamaica, Guyana, St Lucia, and to some of the major ports in the Caribbean. The LCL Export team is part of the most efficient logistics infrastructure in the US, and our players are winners who get the job done.

Our current address:

CentEx Cargo – C/O EMPIRE CFS INC.* 19516 South Susana Road * Compton, California 90221

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Stay in touch with loved ones in the Caribbean

When you ship barrels of personal effects from the US to the Caribbean, you, valued customers, are without a doubt telling your loved ones how much you care, miss them, and appreciate them. The LCL Export Reps. take that responsibility seriously. Shipping full barrels to the Caribbean is definitely a labor of love.

Though, we recommend that every customer put a small padlock or security/utility seal on each barrel, but more importantly, our team has an excellent track record of making sure, every item you put in a barrel, gets to its final destination.

We have been shipping barrels of personal effects from the USA to the Caribbean for valued customers, for over a decade. CentEx Cargo is known in the international shipping community for providing reliable Caribbean shipping services from Baltimore, Maryland, Linden, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and Carson, California.

The CentEx Cargo Blog put valuable information at the fingertips of prospects that are interested in shipping to the Caribbean. Our NVO and STG Logistics are part of one of the most efficient logistics systems in the USA.

Stay in touch with loved ones and with the team that delivers. Call today, 770-864-4871

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Bubble Rolls For Sale. Call 770-864-4871 & Request a Quote – Place an Order

Roll Size — 12″ X 750′ * Lbs./Bndl. — 24 * Rolls/Bndl. — 4 * Bubble Size — 3/16 ” (Item # S-3927P)

This type of bubble wrap is cross-perforated for easy tear off. Commonly used when packing lightweight products.

Request a Quote by using the Comment/Reply Section of this blog. Starting at $45 per unit + shipping to a complete address.

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Caribbean Shipping Services from Portland, Oregon

Send ‘LCL Export’ a message on WhatsApp (7708644871) to inquire about ‘Caribbean Shipping Services’ and your First Time Customer Discount. When you ship 3 or more barrels of personal effects from Portland, Oregon to Kingston or Montego Bay, Jamaica, and to other cities in the Caribbean, LCL Export automatically applies a discount to your shipment.

This is a token of our appreciation. We understand that shipping barrels to relatives or to a person in need should be a ‘labor of love.’ We get the job done right and in a timely manner. Our cohesive team is part of one of the most efficient logistics systems in the shipping industry. CentEx Cargo represents that kind of infrastructure. Together, we are raising the bar for all valued customers that ship to the Caribbean.

Need more information, a quote, or to make a booking, call 📞 770-864-4871

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Reliable International Shipping Service from Fairburn, Georgia to the Caribbean. Call 📞 770-864-4871 to request a quote

International Shipping Service from Fairburn, Georgia to the Caribbean. CentEx Cargo has been providing ocean freight shipping services from the US Eastern Seaboard and Atlanta, Georgia to valued customers since 2004.

To inquire about our LCL (Less than Container Load) Service to any port in the Caribbean, SEND us a DM via WhatsApp or Messenger. Once you request a quote: an agent will work on it and then provide you with the cost of shipping for your shipment with a number assigned to each request. To turn that quote number into a booking, ‘LCL Export’ needs to process a payment over the phone, unless you have a credit line with STG Logistics. Our booking system allows Receiving Terminal at the Warehouse to accept your barrels of personal effects, to only cite one example.


to send us a DM on Messenger. Or call 📞 770-864-4871 to make a booking:

LCL Export Reps can answer on WhatsApp (7708644871) over 70% of potential customers’ Frequently Asked Questions about shipping to the Caribbean.