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Stay in touch with loved ones in the Caribbean

When you ship barrels of household goods from the US to the Caribbean, you, valued customers, are without a doubt telling your loved ones how much you miss them, care, and appreciate them. The LCL Export Staff take that responsibility seriously. Shipping full barrels to the Caribbean is definitely a labor of love.

Though, we recommend that every customer put a security and/or utility seal on each barrel, our team has also an excellent track record of making sure, every item you put in a barrel, gets to its final destination.

We have been shipping barrels of personal effects from the USA to the Caribbean for valued customers, over a decade. CentEx Cargo is known in the shipping community for providing reliable Caribbean shipping services from Baltimore, Maryland, Linden, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia, Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

The CentEx Cargo Blog put invaluable information at the fingertips of prospects that are interested in shipping to the Caribbean. Our NVO is part of one of the most efficient logistics systems in this industry.

Stay in touch with loved ones and with the team that delivers. Call today 📞 770-864-4871

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Bubble Rolls For Sale. Call 770-864-4871 & Request a Quote – Place an Order

Roll Size — 12″ X 750′ * Lbs./Bndl. — 24 * Rolls/Bndl. — 4 * Bubble Size — 3/16 ” (Item # S-3927P)

This type of bubble wrap is cross-perforated for easy tear off. Commonly used when packing lightweight products.

Request a Quote by using the Comment/Reply Section of this blog. Starting at $45 per unit + shipping to a complete address.

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Caribbean Shipping Services 🚢 from Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon

Send the LCL Export Team a message on WhatsApp (7708644871) to inquire about ‘Caribbean Shipping Services’ and your First Time Customer Discount. When you ship 3 or more barrels of personal effects from Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon to Kingston or Montego Bay, Jamaica, and to other cities in the Caribbean, LCL Export automatically applies a discount to your shipment.

This is a token of our appreciation. We understand that shipping barrels to relatives and a person in need, should be a ‘labor of love.’ We get the job done right and in a timely manner. Our cohesive team is part of one of the most efficient logistics systems in the shipping industry. CentEx Cargo – an infrastructure that works. Together, we can raise the bar for all valued customers that ship to the Caribbean.

Need more information, a quote, or to make a booking, call 📞 770-864-4871

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Barrel Shipping Service from Seattle, Washington to Jamaica 🇯🇲 Call 📞770-864-4871

Reliable international shipping service from Seattle, Washington to Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica. Our cut-off day is Friday, and we sail every Saturday. Our winning team is professional, consistent, and dependable. CentEx Cargo has been assisting valued customers with local pickups on the US Eastern Seaboard and shipping to Jamaica since 2004.

CentEx Cargo provides warehouse-to-port service. Management and our agent in Jamaica track the freight of each individual customer. The CentEx Cargo LCL Export Team will provide you, valued customer, with regular updates of the movement of your cargo via WhatsApp, as soon as it’s completely processed in the warehouse. The shipper will get an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) making it possible to inform the consignee when his/her freight is ready for pick up. It is our recommendation that the person assigned in Jamaica to receive the barrels (i.e., consignee) use 2 pieces of information when making contact with the agent to inquire about any shipment: full name of consignee and the booking number. For your convenience, please find our ‘agent info’ listed below:

Agent in Kingston: Freight Handlers LTD * 4 Fourth Avenue, Newport West * Kingston, Jamaica * Phone. (876) 937-5858 * (876) 937-5859

Agent in Montego Bay: Freight Handlers LTD * 17 Kerr Crescent, St James * Montego Bay, Jamaica * Phone. (876) 952-6566

To request a quote, make a booking, and to talk about your experience at the Receiving Terminal of the warehouse in Kent, Washington, ‘Leave a Reply’ in the Comment Section of this blog post.

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Express International Shipping Service from Atlanta, Georgia to the Caribbean. Call 📞 770-864-4871 to request a quote

Express International Shipping Service from Atlanta, Georgia to the Caribbean. CentEx Cargo has been providing ocean freight shipping from the US Eastern Seaboard and Deep South to valued customers since 2004.

To inquire about our LCL (Less than Container Load) Service to any port in the Caribbean, SEND us a DM via Messenger.

Or Call 📞 770-864-4871

LCL Export Staff answers over 70% of potential customers’ Frequently Asked Questions about shipping 🚢 to the Caribbean on WhatsApp (7708644871) and/or Messenger.

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CentEx Cargo is on Instagram

CentEx Cargo is ‘The Next Level of International Shipping.’ It’s common knowledge that social media is now the long tail of marketing. In that spirit, we want to tell our repeat customers, B2B clients, and this new niche market that CentEx Cargo has a business page on Instagram. This platform attracts a young demographic, mainly millennials and some new people across the board. Our LCL Export Team has had the opportunity on many occasions to rub shoulders with some Instagram Influencers, an inspiration to a couple of our posts. This is an opportunity to tell a new audience or some prospects and potential customers about our goods and services, and share shipping facts – e.g., the international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade. Lastly, our team enjoys sharing some fun and zany stories.

SEND us a DM

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It is mandatory to declare the commodity of your shipment

A retail shipper and/or shipping clerk needs to know the commodity of each shipment. Commodities vary from household goods, generators, furniture, refrigerators, microwave ovens, other home appliances, and electronics such as televisions, radios, computers, and cell phones & accessories. Contraband of any kind – e.g., firearms & ammunition, liquors, illegal drugs, and tobacco – are prohibited by law.

Shipping barrels of personal effects from anywhere in the US to the Caribbean can be a labor of love. Consequently, we all have a responsibility to keep everything above board. The commodity of choice when shipping to the Caribbean Islands is for the most part household goods. Household goods range from non-perishable food items, clothes, shoes, to home decor products. Lots of retail shipping companies with their freightforwarders, freight brokers, and customs brokers, offer customers the right logistics infrastructure that makes it possible for them to stay in touch with loved ones in their country of origin by shipping an array of items as personal cargo. Americans, on the other hand, use that same structure to build and maintain relationships with friends, non-profit organizations, business associates, and colleagues in the Caribbean. Most individual customers opted out of doing an Export Declaration (Export Dec) of their shipment because it means an additional charge to the costs of international shipping. An HS Code is mandatory in many instances for 2 reasons: 1) It tells the shipper and customs, these are items with no export restrictions; 2) It’s another way to describe the contents of each barrel without an Export Dec and hence facilitate the inspection of any shipment by customs agents.

It is crucial at this juncture to address the elephant in the room – i.e., human trafficking. Having human cargo on board of any vessels is a serious and severe violation of international laws. Human trafficking is unequivocally a crime against humanity. Therefore, all governments on this planet should do their parts in prosecuting human traffickers to the full extent of the law.

To comment on this blog post, Leave a Reply or write your question below. I am looking forward to receiving your input on ways we all can eliminate contraband in shipments and combat human trafficking on a global level.

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$31 price/each + shipping. 48″ X 48″ Wood Pallet for SALE. Call 📞 770-864-4871 (Minimun of 5)

The wood pallet is the workhorse of the international shipping business. Our pallets are made of tough and durable wood. Each pallet is heat-treated and meets ISPM 15 Export Specifications. Moreover, this oversized pallet can hold up to FOUR 77-gallon open head plastic barrels and has a maximum weight capacity of 3,500 lbs. A double stringer provides added strength and 2-way forklift access.

Please be advised that the featured image/pic at the very top, is a customized pallet. Leave us a message to inquire about how to place a special order of oversized and customized pallets

Request a Quote for the double stringer by using the Comment Section of this blog post. Be sure to include your complete address.