In the age of reality shows where participants and TV characters don’t necessarily have to possess any talent to rise to fame, it appears that urban Millennials are on a race to outdo the next guy or gal and each other. Some Millennials are constantly testing the limits by pushing the envelope in the wrong direction. In this competitive arena, ‘you only get one chance to make a First Impression.’ So, if you are serious about putting your best foot forward, there are 3 rules to keep in mind:

Rule #1 to crafting a business persona: Don’t post anything on social media solely for its shocking value with the hope it might go viral.

Young ladies, unless you are Miley Cyrus, who’s a bright star in the entertainment industry and taking charge of her sexuality, please don’t release a weekly or monthly video of yourself on YouTube in daisy dukes or short shorts twerking. Those videos may come back to hunt you and subsequently hurt your career.

Rule #2 to crafting a business persona: Always keep it positive

This level of positivity can be accomplished by being committed to staying above the fray even when it comes to a “beef” between rappers on a social media site. Entertainers, especially musicians are often paid for that kind of charade. More importantly, rappers are known for consciously dividing the fan base for the sole purpose of selling records. You definitely don’t want to join the ranks of social media trolls and Internet bullies. According to Guy Kawasaki,  a knowledgeable fellow who’s in the trenches of social media, “since we are all watching, you should stay positive and pleasant no matter how banal, blasphemous, or baiting the comment.” Unless you are Ann Coulter who’s known for her vitriolic comments and hyperbole, you won’t get away with it – i.e., white privilege. Ann Coulter is in the business of selling books, lots of them, to an ultra conversative wing of Republic Americans. When it comes to differences of opinions and disagreement, the rest of us should only go 3 rounds as they do in amateur boxing. Ding – ding. Round 1: commenter comments. Round 2: you respond.  Round 3: commenter responds to your response. End of fight. This is a practical approach because there aren’t any short cuts for most of us in the world of business, and street credibility may help some hard core rappers with record sales but will not further your career but good conflict resolution skills will …

Rule #3 to crafting a business persona on social media: If you can’t do it or say it in front of your grandma, don’t put it out there.

In other words, be impeccable with your word. Focus your energy on crafting the right business and public persona. Be mindful that ‘Big Brother’ and some major companies are watching and listening. It’s not just a bunch of technocrats sitting behind a computer spying on you. Recruiters can find your most outrageous post that may have taken you 5 minutes to write but now has a negative impact on the start of a 43 year career. Social media sofware uses a system of algorithms programmed to continually look for correlations and causation, associations, affiliations, and interests. This system is making inferences and drawing conclusions about your activities. Therefore, if you are serious about a business or public persona on social media, your e-mail signatures should not include these 3 worst case scenarios: bootyliciousjanet@hotmail.com; deliciouspunany@yahoo.com; and alwaysgangstamynigga@msn.com.

Some of those problems and concerns are so prevalent that Mark Cuban, the owner of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and shark investor on the television series “Shark Tank” came with an app called “Cyber Dust” that doesn’t keep any record of users’ activities. Mark is looking at the system from the inside and also understands that a preppie, your grandma’s age, will probably be making the decision to hire you. Or a yuppie from a long gone era will make the decision whether you are a good fit for the company. Fortunately, you are an active participant in this whole process. Being determined to always make the right decisions on social media will not prevent a given employer from saying “no,” we are not interested. It will, however, guarantee that you are starting your career on the right foot.

Nobody wants to be around a chronic complainer or a negative person. ‘Don’t complain because nobody is listening.’ If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. If you don’t like the way you’re being treated. Demand to be treated differently. If that approach doesn’t yield the desired outcome, then it’s time to cut your losses and move on. 

Common sense tells us that destructive criticism has never helped anyone. First and foremeost, what kind of criticism is destructive and why many people do it? Destructive criticism points out faults and directly attacks the other person or people with no consideration for their feelings. It aims to show that the other person has no worth or his/her position on a particular issue has no validity. To make matters worse, the perpetrator offers no plausible solutions, no practical advice, and no considerstion is given. Most people who dispense their opinions even when not asked in the form of destructive criticism are just simply insecure about their own thing and/or desperately trying to boost their egos. Therefore, take heed of my instructions and follow these 2 recommemdations religiously: 1st) Don’t criticize, condemn or complain and 2nd) Give honest and sincere appreciation.

The 3rd) fundamental technique to winning people over requires that you arouse in the other person, according to renowned author Dale Carnegie, ‘an eager want.’ Dale Carnegie understood as far back as in the 1930’s, it’s usually fun and enjoyable for people to do things when they want to do them. Moreover, for the most part, people don’t want to do what is asked of them. For the purpose of this exercise or for this blog entry, why not start with a thorough understanding of the other person’s hope, desire, and what motivates him or her. Acquiring that critical piece of information about another human being is paramount to influencing that person. And lastly, it has been proven, the only way to win over your employees, customers, and a peer is to talk about what they really want and show them how to get that ‘eager want.’ 

Like anything else in life, the decision making process can be straightforward and simple or it can involve lots of factors to the point of being complicated and eventually stressing you out. Whenever, you make a big decision, especially one that involves a large investment of resources and effort, you want to feel like you’ve made the right decision. To ward off regret or avoid acknowledging that you only pay lip service to wanting reform and change for example, you may begin to idealize the option you chose and devalue the one you rejected. One place where this tendency can go awry is when it creates rifts between people that are in the trenches ‘day in and day out’ making a difference and those that just talk about it and take no action. Well, cognitive dissonance theory provides one possible explanation. Even if you don’t openly express these thoughts as I just described, they can still impact your feelings toward others, which might come out in subtle ways. This wedge between people as a result of our choices can also be compounded by ignorance and inertia. One way or the other, as key players in this journey, we have to take a stance and decide in order to gain a thorough understanding of the decision making process. How else would we identify bottlenecks in the process? And how would we find out if there are any kinks in the line of communication? 

On the one hand, it’s useful to remember that most decisions have pros and cons, just because a choice has downsides doesn’t mean it was wrong or it needs to be justified against alternatives. Ignorance and inertia, on the other hand, are dangerous. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this Blog entry. I look forward to receiving your input and reading them – Kind regards, Carl H. Charles 


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Social Media Marketing is definitely a process of gaining attention and traffic to your page, your business, a cause or hobby through the various social media sites. We are all active participants in the race of generating traffic on social media and redirect some of that attention to a singular destination or landing page (-e.g., an exercise program, an e-commerce page, or an App for selling international shipping service to the Caribbean to only cite 3 examples).

Some people use their popularity as a student athlete, an entertainer, a celebrity, and lastly, through “content and expertise” to get lots of followers, friends, then ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’ In this context, leveraging the power of an amazing content can elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way.

Many Social Media Marketing experts from Guy Kawasaki to Susan Gunelius strongly discourage that we pay, as individual users for ‘followers’ and ‘likes.’ However, it is recommended, we choose some specific social media sites where to do paid advertising. One rule to always keep in mind in this endeavor is striving to attract the right audience. “Quality trumps quantity.”

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this Blog entry. I always look forward to getting your input and reading your feedback. Feel free to write your commments about Social Media Marketing and How and Why to do paid Ads on a specific Social Media site, at the bottom of this post. I will not publish your comments unless I get your okay. For more relevant topics on the subject, visit the link below:


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