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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

airliner with a globe and autoloader with boxes in a container

This section of the CentEx Cargo Blog was definitely overdue, which explains why I have devoted this entire Blog post to this online FAQ. I’d like to start this process by providing two (2) summarized answers to two (2) frequently asked questions. I look forward to answering questions from all readers that are interested in International Shipping Service from the United States to Africa, the Caribbean, China, Central and South America, and India. Moreover, any potential customers from our target markets within the continent of Africa: Tema, Ghana, Monrovia, Liberia, Mombasa, Kenya, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria are more than welcome to use this blog in its entirety and then ask me, Carl Charles, any shipping related questions. I only require 24 hours to 48 hours to answer all freight transport and international shipping questions pending their approval.

1st Question
Why do so many established shipping companies give quotes to customers instead of using set rates?

For the past five (5) years, all the major shipping companies have been giving quotes that are good for 2 to 3 months to potential customers rather than using rates that were known to stay the same for a minimum of one year. The international shipping business is very dynamic. Consequently, rates within the industry fluctuate daily. Therefore, it is more practical for any Retail Shipper to use the services of a Freight Forwarder that has access to a publicly traded warehouse with a network of different ships rather than locking his every decision in one vessel that provides transparent and set rates. Those rates are bound to change anyway due to so many variables that are beyond any owner’s control. A Freight Forwarder clearly demonstrates more credibility because he/she shops around until he finds the cheapest quotes on behalf of an international shipping company, specific customers, and a Retail Shipper. This approach will more than likely translate into lots of savings for the savvy customer.

2nd Question
How does CentEx Cargo & Transport charge locally to pickup customers’ freight?

CentEx Cargo and Transport charges $2 per mile for the first 50 miles. Tabulation of the distance traveled or mileage starts at the point where one particular driver and his vehicle are stationed or at the warehouse where he/she is responsible to deliver your cargo before it’s inspected and then shipped to its designated port overseas. After the first 50 miles, we charge $1.75 for each additional mile. However, do keep in mind that the CentEx Cargo drivers are limited to the type of technology they can bring to a private residence or storage unit. In order for us to give you, the customer, an accurate quote for pickup and delivery, we also need to have the exact number of pieces in your shipment, the approximate weight of each piece of cargo. And how many flights of stairs, a driver has to climb to get to your freight. In addition to a set charge per mile, there is a nominal fee for large-volume shipping. Our drivers and assistants carry with a hand truck or a dolly, and some of our commercial vehicles are equipped with an electronic liftgate. However, if your shipment has to be picked up from a commercial warehouse, CentEx Cargo will insist on discussing that pickup with an appropriate staff or Warehouse Coordinator. Our discussion with that Coordinator is paramount and will include the following: available loading dock(s) and technology on the premises. We aim to please, therefore, the pickup of your shipment will be done smoothly and in a timely fashion as long as you provide us with accurate information.

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