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Classical conditioning as a teaching tool to help entry-level employees provide good customer service


For every action there is a reaction. A mature man or woman often referred to as a sage cannot control the actions of others but has the capability to exercise a great deal of control over his/her reactions. When encountering an unfamiliar situation that I call “phenomenon” consisting of new stimuli, your capability to exercise the aforementioned great deal of control over your reactions should come into play. Calculated and appropriate responses to new stimuli of any “phenomenon” require insights and concise conditioning. That type of precision although alters the physiology of your response by a very small margin but potentially makes a huge difference in your overall behavior by swaying your response in a positive direction regardless of the nature of a stimulus. Which allows you, the team player, to mitigate the unconditioned response associated with a certain type of stimulus but instead stick to the script, stay on point, and due to emotional intelligence, remain cognizant of your interactions with others. One of the many benefits of that capability is the fact that you are NOT or in many cases, no longer within the sphere of influence of opinionated, manipulative, angry, pessimistic, and morose individuals.

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