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The Long Tail of Marketing

The popularity of social media is just phenomenal. From a business perspective, marketing on these sites can be tricky because the online community on the social media platforms hates overt commercials or an advertiser asking people to stop what they are doing, to pay attention to a sponsored message. They prefer subtle …. like being part of it and joining a chosen conversation. Topics on Twitter for instance, that usually get my attention, range from #caribbeanshipping to #blacklivesmatter, and search engine optimization #SEO. And, based on the FB posts, I’ve chosen to boost, I came to the conclusion that your Facebook business page should not be about, just generating hype. My best approach to Facebook marketing involves three useful steps: deliver ideas and info to a network/group – interested in me and my products/services. Communicating with my Facebook friends is quite effective. And lastly, from a Facebook page for your business, anyone of us can do promoted posts for a fee and get personalized ad recommendations from a FB team.

Any blog post I write on social media is only to start the conversation. I am for the most part, interested in getting feedback and your input. What’s your favorite social media platform? Which one do you use on a daily basis? Do you feel that ‘part’ of you is missing, when you don’t have a device right there and then, to check the latest updates and feed. Have you or your business used any Instagram Influencers yet? The TikTok craze is pulling you in, like a magnet 🧲 You have a ‘wait and see’ attitude … please, don’t tell me: You prefer to be incognito.

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