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Stay in touch with loved ones in the Caribbean

When you ship barrels of personal effects from the US to the Caribbean, you, valued customers, are without a doubt telling your loved ones how much you care, miss them, and appreciate them. The LCL Export Reps. take that responsibility seriously. Shipping full barrels to the Caribbean is definitely a labor of love.

Though, we recommend that every customer put a small padlock or security/utility seal on each barrel, but more importantly, our team has an excellent track record of making sure, every item you put in a barrel, gets to its final destination.

We have been shipping barrels of personal effects from the USA to the Caribbean for valued customers, for over a decade. CentEx Cargo is known in the international shipping community for providing reliable Caribbean shipping services from Baltimore, Maryland, Linden, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and Carson, California.

The CentEx Cargo Blog put valuable information at the fingertips of prospects that are interested in shipping to the Caribbean. Our NVO and STG Logistics are part of one of the most efficient logistics systems in the USA.

Stay in touch with loved ones and with the team that delivers. Call today, 770-864-4871

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